Instructions for Wrapping Trays


Our Shrink Bags are Food safe: PVC shrink film is FDA compliant for direct food contact. We stock 2 styles of shrink bags: shrink wrap tray bags and shrink wrap dome bags.  Shrink bags are easy to use, efficient and create a secure, professional package.

Made from a 1 Mil PVC shrink film with superior clarity.

1. Slide the basket into the bag. (like a pillow going into a pillow case)

2. Press the air out of the bag and fold the flap under the tray and secure with tape.

3.Place the tray on the rotary pedestal. Use the heavy duty heat gun to shrink the film.

4.Turn the rotary pedestal while positioning the heat from the gun at the bottom of the sides and then lift the base of the tray and shrink underneath. 

5. Now position the gun on the top of the tray to finish the shrinking.

 No costly equipment necessary for this procedure.