Oval Willow Hampers: Natural and Stained Hampers

Our wholesale hampers are deeper than our other willow basket offerings.  Also known as wash baskets, laundry baskets or mini-wash baskets. They're generally used for larger products or as a compliment to larger displays.

Large Oval Willow Hamper - Sold Out 10/18/17


Small Oval Willow Hamper

Oval Hamper - Hunter

Large Oval Open Weave Basket - Sold Out


Medium Oval Willow Tray

As low as

Oval Two Tone Basket

Oval Honey Varnished Basket with Side Handles

Large Hamper - Stained Willow


Jumbo Hamper - Stained Willow

Small Oval Willow Hamper

Medium Oval Willow Hamper

Large Oval Willow Hamper

Oval Fancy Hamper with Swing Handles

Oval Tray with Rope

Oval Tray with Rope

Oval Tray with Rope

Oval Tray with Rope

Oval Split Willow Tray: Sold Out

Oval Tray with Seagrass - Sold Out 10/18/17

As low as

Oval Stained Basket


Oval Gold Willow Hamper: 15.5 x 10.5 x 4