Shrink Bags - Order by Basket Size

Our Wholesale PVC shrink bags are made with a crystal clear 1 Ml PVC film that has the ability to shrink 40% in height and width when heat is applied. Find the size shrink bag you need for the item you are over-wrapping by the size of the container. Call 800-227-5381 for help with your purchase.

Our Shrink Bags are also known as "Basketbags" which was the name give to this superb idea of a dome shrink bag made just for gift baskets way back in 1984.

We are the only company that packages our shrink dome bags in corrugated tubes to help you efficiently store and quickly identify the sizes needed.

We are so confident about our Dome Shrink Bags that we offer a 100% guarantee.  All our Dome and Tray Shrink Basketbags are made from a FDA compliant PVC Shrink Film for indirect food contact.